Digital exhibit
«Two Isadoras»

Why Isadora?

One of the most ardent messengers of the idea of dance without boundaries that will reform the world, was Isadora Duncan, who believed in the truly religious mission of her art and thought that she belonged not only to America but to the entire world.

Belonging to humanity

Duncan was born in the United States. She inherited the independent and unconventional spirit of the American nation and grew into a remarkable personality. Her ideas of dance and her inimitable style as well as her understanding of the great reforming mission of dance were largely formed on the American soil. In Europe Isadora knew fame unprecedented since ancient time. She became the first American woman whose genius was unconditionally recognized in the Old World and later everywhere else. In Russia the dancer's dream came true—a government-funded dancing school was set up for Isadora who believed in the lofty social mission of her art, and was trying to prove that her dance concept could bring up a new type of person — harmonious and of high moral standing. Isadora Duncan’s striking personality continues to influence the art of America, Europe, and Russia.

In 1977, the year of Duncan's 100th birth anniversary, one of the greatest choreographers of the 20th century Maurice Bejart staged a ballet called «Isadora» for the famous Russian ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya.
Leonid Zhdanov, master of ballet photography, captured in his photos the birth of this choreographic miracle. The synergy of unique images, drawings and ideas expressed by outstanding people makes it possible for our contemporaries to see and feel the magic of the dance and personality of Isadora Duncan, who continues to touch out hearts and imagination.
The idea of the Two Isadoras project is to show through art the everlasting impact of the great dancer on the common culture of America, Europe, and Russia.