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During the Renaissance period such people were called “titans”. Goleyzovsky was not only a great choreographer, but also a talented artist, poet, musician and scholar. He was often ahead of his time and paid for this by being cast out of the Theatre.

He spent the final period of his life, in the 1960’s and 70’s, in the village of Bekhovo, dubbed “Kasyanovka” by Goleyzovsky himself. There he prepared for the publication of his manuscripts, carved wood, created fantastic masks, and wrote stories…

Everything that Goleyzovsky lived for in Bekhovo, everything that he thought and dreamed of there is embodied in a photo narrative, unique in terms of its content and created by a friend of the ballet master, the photographer Leonid Zhdanov. Thanks largely to his efforts, the name of Goleyzovsky was rescued from oblivion.