Different cultures, countries, and nations are bound to find a common language when they turn to art. Art speaks of common human values in different languages, of which the most ancient and the easiest to understand is the language of dance.

Thanks to the development of photography, video, and digital technologies in the 20th century, ballet is becoming accessible to the ever growing number of people, while the miracle of dance is no longer doomed to disappear at the very moment of its birth. The founding of the DanceAnnals digital library of dance photography will make it easier to understand this truly universal art and help preserve masterpieces of great dancers and choreographers for generations to come.

The aim of the project is to collect, preserve, and make accessible to all visual materials which enable connoisseurs the world over to see the beauty of dancing through the eyes of expert photographers and cameramen, who understand the essence of ballet.

In order to facilitate work with the highly extensive photo archive, the specially designed search engine will open access for professional and amateur art lovers to the digital storage containing thousands upon thousands of dance images.

DanceAnnals invites you to digital exhibits. Not only will you enjoy masterpieces of ballet photography, but you will penetrate the artistic world of a dancer, a choreographer, or a photographer, and see what usually evades the inapt eye of a layman.

The video documents located in the video hall, invite you to partake of the life of ballet hidden from the outsider. They take you to the rehearsal hall to see moments of high art and let you in on the choreographic secrets and artistic quests.